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Mandarin A La Carte

Mandarin A La Carte

Mandarin A La Carte

Item # 4034
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Feed four different kinds of seed!

The Mandarin A La Carte feeder has four interior sections—you can feed four varieties of seed, so you can attract more birds! Each section has a seed port and perch and gives all your birds a comfortable place to feed.

The Mandarin is also squirrel proof! The large, overhanging hood baffles squirrels every time. It has an angled rim that sends squirrels sliding right off the edge of the feeder. And squirrels can’t hang from the top and reach the seed. Squirrels just can’t grab hold with their claws or teeth.

Constructed of heavy duty, clear 1/8 inch thick plexiglas. Holds a total of about 10 pounds of seed. Includes 24 inch hanging chain. Dimensions are 17 x 17 inches. Made in the USA.
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