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3 in 1 Heated Birdbath, Terra Cotta/Black

Item # BD-75
$ .
Attract more birds with ice-free water

When water sources are frozen solid, watch birds flock to an ice-free birdbath—to drink and to clean their feathers. The thermostatically controlled 75-watt heater turns on at 35 degrees and shuts off automatically to conserve energy. Includes an 11 inch long cord, add your own outdoor extension cord. Cord tucks out of sight for use during the warm weather months. Terra cotta heated plastic dish is 1-1/4 inches deep with a black steel band support ring. Mount three different ways: ground, clamp or deck mount. 14 inch diameter.

  • Heated birdbath with three mounting options
  • Attract more birds to your yard with ice-free water
  • Features 75-watt automatic heater to conserve energy
  • Easy to clean & fill
  • UL-Listed heated birdbath
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