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Duncraft Squirrel-Proof Tilt-Top Feeder

Item # 790
$ .
A customer favorite for over 35 years!

The Tilt-Top has been a favorite since it was first introduced in 1979; customers love this see-through, squirrel-proof feeder! The roof tilts steeply when a squirrel steps on, sending them slip-sliding towards the ground. The steep angle completely prevents squirrels from accessing the seed. Watch birds fly up under the roomy dome Tilt-Top squirrel baffle to perch and feed. The distance between the bottom of the squirrel baffle and the top of the bowl is 2 inches and the perching area provides a clear view of your birds. Durable clearview plastic with brass-plated fittings. 16 inch diameter. Bowl measures 4-1/4 inches deep with 9 inch diameter.

  • Holds 2 to 3 lbs. of any seed
  • Attract a wide variety of birds to your feeder
  • Features our customer favorite Tilt-Top squirrel baffle
  • Easy to clean with filling from the top
  • Made in the USA, available exclusively at Duncraft
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