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Woodpecker Delight Suet Cakes

Woodpecker Delight Suet Cakes

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Woodpeckers LOVE this extra nutty suet cake

If you want woodpeckers in your yard, this is the suet cake to get. Provides the energy and calories birds need to forage, nest, migrate and more. Perfect for year-round feeding, these “Delight” cakes won't melt, even in the hot sun. Contains corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, sweet corn, oats, almonds, pecans and walnuts. Available as a set of four or 12 suet cakes. Choose your preference. 11 oz. each.

  • Woodpecker Delight Suet Cakes, set of 4 or 12
  • Attract a wide variety of woodpeckers to your feeder
  • Features no-melt suet dough, perfect for warm weather feeding
  • Includes no filler ingredients
  • Made in the USA

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