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CollidEscape Window Protector, White

CollidEscape Window Protector, White

CollidEscape Window Protector, White

Item # 2448
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Stop birds from crashing into your windows!

Birds flying into windows is a big problem for many homeowners. Birds see reflections of sky and trees in windows and don't realize the window is a solid object and not open fly space.

CollidEscape Full Window Protector is a vinyl sheet that covers the outside of your window and makes your windows visible to birds--turning the outside of your window opaque, without obstructing your view of the great outdoors when looking out. Birds see no reflections of sky or trees and no longer see the window as open fly space. Note the before and after results in the image at left.

CollidEscape has a lifespan of approximately three years before it may need to be replaced. Classic white CollidEscape product is white on the outside, black adhesive on inside, each sheet is 3 x 5 feet, enough to entirely cover your window. Can be trimmed or shape cut with scissors or a knife. Easy to apply. Installation instructions are included.
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